The Atheist's Guide to Reality

Enjoying Life without Illusions

15 January 2013


“A tough test of the intellectual mettle of the armchair atheists and those teetering between faith and committing to life without it.”—Boston Globe

We can’t avoid the persistent questions about the meaning of life—and the nature of reality. But science is the only means of answering them. So declares philosopher Alex Rosenberg in this bracing, surprisingly sanguine take on a world without god. The science that makes us nonbelievers, he demonstrates, tells us the nature of reality, the purpose of everything, the difference between right and wrong, how the mind works, even the direction of human history.


"The Atheist’s Guide to Reality will, like the best scholarship and science, remove you from your comfort zone. And that is the only way to gain new and better perspectives on our place in the cosmos." — Lawrence Krauss A Universe From Nothing

"For those of us who have pondered what David Hume might have said, were he to have had the benefit of all the scientific knowledge that succeeded his death, Alex Rosenberg’s wonderful new book perfectly satisfies." — Rebecca Goldstein 36 Arguments for the Existence of God

"...The Atheist’s Guide is the work of a well-informed and imaginative philosopher." — Philip Kitcher, New York Times Book Review



142 x 211 mm • 370 pages


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