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April 2019

Stephen Dunn (Author)


Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn examines the difficulties of telling the truth, and the fictions with which we choose to live.

Incisively capturing the oddities of our logic and the whimsies of our reason, the poems in Whereas show there is always another side to a story. With graceful rhythm and equal parts humour and seriousness, Stephen Dunn considers the superstition and sophistry embedded in everyday life: household objects that seem to turn against us, the search for meaning in the barrage of daily news, the surprising confessions between neighbours across a row of hedges. Finding beauty in the ordinary, this collection affirms the absurdity of making affirmations, allowing room for more rethinking, reflection, revision, prayer and magic in the world.


"Everyday experiences become a springboard for deeper reflection about what it means to be alive and how people alter their perceptions of the world and themselves over time... The best writing here reveals a deep understanding of human longing and the desire to become more than what we are." — The Washington Post

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