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Rethinking School

How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education

5 February 2019


A best-selling expert on education shows how to make the school system work for your child.

With boldness, experience and humour, Susan Wise Bauer turns conventional wisdom on its head: When a serious problem arises at school, the fault is more likely to lie with the school, or the educational system itself, than with the child. In five illuminating sections, Bauer closely analyses the traditional school structure, gives trenchant criticisms of its weaknesses and offers a wealth of advice for parents of children whose difficulties may stem from struggling with learning differences, maturity differences, toxic classroom environments and even from giftedness. As the author of the classic book on home-schooling, The Well-Trained Mind, Bauer knows how children learn and how schools work. Her advice here is comprehensive and anecdotal, including material drawn from experience with her own four children and more than twenty years of educational consulting and university teaching.

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