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The Human Experience

Second Edition

June 2021


The most accessible introduction to the microbiology that matters.

New content—including substantial coverage of recent disease outbreaks (COVID-19 and others), updated IMPACT applications and integrated patient-centred case histories—drive each chapter’s narrative, keeping students’ interest while ensuring that they learn the important underlying microbiology concepts. Consistent pedagogy in the text and an unparalleled suite of media resources—including new Making Connections tutorial lessons in Smartwork, digital Infectious Disease Flashcards, revised Interactive Instructor’s Guide content with suggestions for applying active learning online and updated Case Mystery case studies—give students important practice while providing instructors with extensive, book-specific active learning resources. The Second Edition’s highly readable text has been thoughtfully streamlined to deliver the foundational microbiology concepts students will need to know as medical and laboratory professionals via clear explanations they will understand.

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