Meat Pies

An Emerging American Craft

15 November 2024

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Brian Polcyn (Author), Michael Ruhlman (Author)


From the innovative team behind Charcuterie, a cookbook featuring 90 recipes for savoury pies—meat pies, vegetable pies, turnovers, vol-au-vents—and their accompaniments

Chef Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman continue their vital work of elevating the art of charcuterie in Meat Pies, a collection of recipes, advice and step-by-step visuals for home cooks and professionals eager to expand their knowledge of meat-and-vegetable concoctions topped, enclosed or wrapped in dough. The book is divided into sections defined by crust—the contemporary pot pie, the hand-raised pie (individual pies), rolled-raised pies, double-crusted pies, turnovers, vol-au-vents—and once readers master each dough, they can re-create their work and invent their own. Within each category of pie are rediscovered favourites, such as a chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust, as well as new spins on classics, including seafood pies, a sheet-pan pie, portable handheld pies and a show-stopping vegetable pie with a braided crust.

Informed by Polcyn’s decades of award-winning cooking and teaching, and brought to life by Ruhlman’s engaging prose, Meat Pies presents a comprehensive and exciting guide to a burgeoning American craft.


"An absolute masterclass from two behemoths of the industry whom I've always looked up to. Bulletproof, tasty recipes alongside technique and skills... The pie revolution is here, jump aboard." — Chef Calum Franklin, author of The Pie Room

"There are no better authors to pen the comprehensive guide to a once forgotten category of cuisine than Michael Ruhlman and Chef Brian Polcyn." — Grant Achatz, Chef/Owner of Alinea Group

"I have always been a proponent of opening up the dinner routine—why not have soup for supper, or breakfast for dinner and what’s wrong with a substantial salad? Happily, Meat Pies provides us with a new, even more exciting option:  Pie for dinner—and not the sweet kind. If you have mastered meatloaf (and love it; who doesn’t?) then you can certainly gussy up your meatloaf with pastry to make a meat pie. That’s just one of 90 game-changing recipes that transform any entrée, including fish and vegetables, into tasty pies. And Brian and Michael are the ultimate teachers, guaranteeing total success. Your family will thank you." — Sara Moulton, chef, cookbook author and TV host

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