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Mrs. Dalloway

November 2021

Virginia Woolf (Author), Merve Emre (Editor)


About Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway

Mrs. Dalloway is a novel that thinks with extraordinary precision and virtuosity about what modern novelists mean when they talk about character: how characters are born; how they age and grow; . . . how they reach for one another in moments of terror and joy, and, finding nothing solid to hold onto, shrink back, unfurling the dazzling intricacies of their thoughts like the petals of the flowers Clarissa Dalloway sees at the florist’s shop, each burning in solitude, ‘softly, purely in the misty beds.’ The intimacy we are offered with her characters comes at the expense of the intimacy they cannot offer each other.”

—MERVE EMRE, from the Introduction

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130 x 198 mm • 256 pages



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