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The Envious Siblings

and Other Morbid Nursery Rhymes


Landis Blair (Author)

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Eight gleefully macabre vignettes by an award- winning comics artist, as delightful as they are deadly.

Inspired by the dark imagination of Edward Gorey, Envious Siblings is a twisted and hauntingly funny debut. Comics artist Landis Blair interweaves absurdist horror and humour into brief, rhyming vignettes at once transgressive and hilarious. In Blair’s surreal universe, a lost child watches as bewhiskered monsters gobble up her fellow train passengers; a band of children merrily play a gut-churning game with playground toys; and two sisters, grinning madly, tear each other apart. These charmingly perverse creations take ordinary settings—a living room, a subway car, a playground—and spin them in a nightmarish direction.

Envious Siblings heralds a brilliant new cartooning talent and will captivate readers who have thrilled to the lurid fantasies of Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake, Charles Addams, Shel Silverstein and Tim Burton.


“Landis Blair’s work is a fusion of Grand Guignol horror and delicately layered poignancy that can’t be found elsewhere. He is a singular morbid talent.” — Caitlin Doughty

The Envious Siblings is a devilishly funny debut from Blair. His vigorous flair for the horrific unknown ripples throughout the comic in a tense, subdued manner. What radiates out of the comic most is Blair’s Gothic-tinged sense of wit, which easily comes through from both the rhymes and the art.” — Starburst

“The line drawings are... dark and ghoulish and mischievous and will no doubt enthral adults and maybe even some children.” — The Art Newspaper

The Envious Siblings won’t be to every young person’s taste, but those of a darker bent may find it grotesquely appealing, like a jack-o’-lantern that’s just started to rot.” — Children's Books 2019, Financial Times

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