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Creative Energies

Integrative Energy Psychotherapy for Self-Expression and Healing

3 July 2002


"An interesting, informative, well written book that does justice to the energy psychotherapy field."—USABP Journal

While meridian-based therapies allow the health caregiver to assist persons with physical and/or emotional distress by tapping a sequence of specific acupoints, this comprehensive book is the first to describe the integration of the three aspects of the human vibrational matrix—the biofield, the energy centers, and the meridian pathways with their specific acupoints—and their relevance to emotional healing and increased creativity. Dorothea Hover-Kramer presents an integrative approach to these aspects of the human energy system and shows how interventions with them can be used singly or interactively to bring about emotional healing. In addition, the book clearly defines the present research and scientific basis related to therapeutic interventions from the energetic perspective of working with the human vibrational matrix. The ethics of introducing new and innovative methods are clearly elucidated to help practitioners to introduce energy therapies to appropriate clients. Case examples bring each of the major interventions to life and help the caregiver to access his or her own creative resources. In addition, specific exercises are presented to release limiting patterns, install empowering new beliefs, and access clients' creativity.



163 x 244 mm • 240 pages


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