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Geriatric Psychiatry Basics

April 2008


Doctors who know something about working with the elderly are in greater demand than ever before.

This is also true in psychiatry, where the number of geriatric psychiatry specialists falls far short of the need. Because of this unbalance, general psychiatrists—many of whom have little or no training or experience in dealing with older adults and their specific issues—are now being called upon to offer care to this population.

In this book, Sakauye covers issues fundamental to the field of geriatric psychiatry that are not addressed well in general adult training:
  • Late-life development
  • Biology of aging
  • Common medical illnesses associated with aging
  • Neurobiology of degenerative disorders
  • Geriatric psychopharmacology
  • Psychotherapeutic modifications for special populations, such as patients with cognitive impairment
  • Multidisciplinary care and family involvement
  • Specific studies of older adults as a special population (differences)

While specialists will find it a useful resource for brushing up on fundamentals, Geriatric Psychiatry Basics is the ideal handbook for non-specialists who need a quick reference or primer on the issues central to geriatric care. In it, Sakauye, a geriatric psychiatrist who worked closely with the elderly victims of Hurricane Katrina, explores the most commonly encountered issues and problems—from memory impairment, Alzheimer’s, delirium, dementia, and cognitive disorders, to depression, psychosis, anxiety, substance abuse, somatoform, and sleep disorders.

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options, including pharmacotherapy, are addressed for each presenting problem, and “clinical pearls”—nuggets of critical information, common pitfalls, differentiation protocols between normal and abnormal behavior, etc.—are clearly addressed. The use of psychotherapeutic interventions for older adults as well as psychiatric care in nursing homes and other inpatient facilities is also explained, making this an immensely practical and user-friendly handbook for all mental health professionals on how to deliver proper geriatric mental health services.


"Excellent reference…of great value to anyone who…wants to be better informed in this area… [A] handy resource to have on your bookshelf, right next to your Physicians Desk Reference. " — Activities, Adaptation, and Aging



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