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Psychotropic Drug Prescriber's Survival Guide

Ethical Mental Health Treatment in the Age of Big Pharma

April 2007


The effective treatment of many mental health conditions necessitates that clinicians prescribe medications.

Considerations for ethical treatment, however, demand that clinicians be wary of advertising hype, aggressive sales pitches, and confusing statistical methods. Psychotropic Drug Prescriber's Survival Guide is a long-awaited primer on the basic principles of pharmaceutical research, statistical methods, and health care ethics. The common sense approach of the authors enables practitioners to use information about psychiatric medications intelligently and to develop responsible prescribing practices.

This book appears at a time when new guidelines are emerging every day in response to growing public concern about industry marketing. The authors write within the context of this changing policy environment and apprise readers of what is developing in terms of regulations and what impact those regulations will have on their practice. However, sensible prescribers recognize that responsible treatment still cannot depend on external controls. Psychotropic Drug Prescriber's Survival Guide helps clinicians negotiate this complex situation and arms them with strategies for getting to the facts in an era in which solid science competes with marketing fictions.


"[A] fascinating, fact-filled book….offers some suggested guidelines for interaction with industry representatives and reviews the new guidelines that the AMA and the APA have both promulgated….a must-read for students and clinicians who aspire to have an ethical relationship with today’s big pharma." — Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

"[P]rovides a reasoned and well argued case against complacency….clearly-written, jargon-free….recommend highly to both psychiatric residents and more seasoned practitioners." — Journal of Psychiatric Practice

"[W]ell organized, jargon-free and concise…this book is an invaluable resource….a springboard for thought provoking discussions with students and colleagues in various mental health care disciplines. I recommend it highly." — Issues in Mental Health Nursing

"Although the authors investigate a social challenge of vast and calamitous proportions, the tone of their book is, admirably, more cautionary than alarmist, more temperate than vitriolic. . . . As the title of this book suggests, it is principally written as a guide for prescribing physicicians. However, because the book is written in a conversational and highly accessible style, and contains much valuable information that related to the entire field of mental health practice, I would highly recommend it to all psychotherapists, medical and non-medical providers alike, as a rich resource for understanding how to properly differentiate between the positive contributions of the pharmaceutical industry and some of its shady promotional shenanigans." — Journal of College Student Psychotherapy

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