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Impulse Control Disorders

A Clinician's Guide to Understanding and Treating Behavioral Addictions


Jon E. Grant (Author)

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The first comprehensive and clinically oriented guide to "the new addictions."

Impulse control disorders such as gambling and risky sexual behavior are increasingly recognized as treatable forms of addictions. This is the first comprehensive book on the topic for clinicians, providing clear clinical guidance on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.


"This book provides a detailed understanding of impulse control disorders….[E]xcellent." — John Zeller, MD, PhD, JAMA

"[A] complete yet concise guide to impulse control disorders….highly recommended." — PsycCritiques

"Presents a complex topic with precision and insight.....will improve practice and...benefit people who have impulse control disorders." — Metapsychology Online Reviews

"[A]n excellent overview…and is a user-friendly guide for the clinician." — The British Journal of Psychiatry

"Dr. Grant achieves the aims that are suggested in the book’s subtitle. He offers a clinician’s guide that helps to explain these puzzling behaviors and provides up-to-date information on their treatment….If readers approach patients with this broader perspective and care for patients with greater diligence, many are likely to benefit." — Journal of Clinical Psychiatry