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Guide to Early Psychological Evaluation

Children & Adolescents


Ray Christner (Author), Arthur Freeman (Author), Corey J. Nigro (Author), Taymoor Sardar (Author)

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An essential reference for quick and accurate child and adolescent patient assessment.

This pocket reference details the clinical evaluation and intake/triage of child and adolescent patients. Students will find this guide to be an invaluable tool, while experienced clinicians will appreciate its usefulness as a resource and a refresher.


“This book is extremely clear on what information is needed to adequately screen for a possible disorder…. Each of the 15 chapters succinctly enumerates the instructions for the examiner, the client and the screening criteria and norms…. A valuable contribution the volume makes is not only the norms but the focus on using reliable and valid measures. In addition, it offers the opportunity for screening instruments to be used by those with various levels of training.” — The National Psychologist

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