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What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Treating Eating and Weight Issues


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Koenig’s book is written for practitioners who lack expertise in this area, and provides clinical strategies and therapeutic techniques to explore clients’ feelings about food and their bodies to get at the root of these issues. It includes descriptions of how food and weight problems surface in conjunction with psychological and medical conditions, as well as how they create difficulties in various life stages and situations. Packed with insights and practical tips, this unique book teaches clinicians how to help clients make peace with food and the scale and balance nutrition and exercise in a healthy lifestyle.


“[A] wonderful tool for therapists . . . Koenig provides a thorough explanation of the wide range of issues related to eating/weight problems. The reflective questions provided for therapists keep the reader engaged while she suggested questions to ask clients enable clinicians to integrate the concepts from this book into their practice.” — International Journal of Psychotherapy

“[M]asterfully accomplishes what Koenig intended: to provide the generalist practitioner with specific techniques, insights and strategies…and to help those clients achieve a healthier relationship with food and Self….an approachable, succinct compilation of clinically pertinent information.” — Eating Disorders: Journal of Treatment & Prevention

“[A]n excellent choice for novice counselors….a helpful review of the basic information that all mental health clinicians should be aware of.” — The Family Journal

“[A]n invaluable resource for the practitioner who is not a specialist in nutrition, anorexia, or behavioral neuroscience, but needs a better understanding of the food and weight issues so often linked to the life problems and clinical diagnoses they are asked to treat. Written in a lively, accessible style, this terrific book belongs on every clinician’s desk!” — Emily Fox-Kales, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Executive Director, Feeding Ourselves, Arlington, MA

“As an expert in bridging the chasm between the emotional and physical aspects of eating and weight issues, Koenig gives us a comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing these concerns that are interwoven into every aspect of our clients’ lives. I love this book and have not seen anything like it out there.” — Lynne Eldridge, MD, author of Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time