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The Unwell Brain

Understanding the Psychobiology of Mental Health

March 2009


Uncovering the link between our brains and our behavior.

“What is going on in the brain of a person suffering a debilitating psychological disorder?” So begins Scott Kraly’s explanation of how brain chemistry affects behavior. While we continue to learn about the complexities of neurobiology, and our “quick fix” drug therapy mentality continues to gain popularity, the brain remains a largely uncharted frontier, where questions outnumber answers. But Kraly effectively demystifies the field of neuroscience, offering a brisk, digestible narrative of how malfunctioning neurons and neurochemicals can result in psychological disorders, and, in turn, how pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy can help repair various mental health disorders.

Also available in hardcover as Brain Science and Psychological Disorders: New Perspectives on Psychotherapeutic Treatment


"[V]ery well written, very well researched and gives a nicely balanced account of the pros and cons of treating mental illness with the modalities of psychopharmacology and psychotherapy." — Metapsychology Online Reviews

"Kraly succeeds in demystifying the field of neuroscience….making it equally accessible to both professionals and general-interest audiences eager to learn fundamental principles of brain organization." — USABP Journal

"[A]n engagingly written explanation about what contemporary neuroscience has to say about how the brain shapes behavior, and the practical implications for treatment of several behavior disorders." — Cleveland Psychological Association Announcer

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155 x 234 mm • 224 pages


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