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Innovations in Narrative Therapy

Connecting Practice, Training, and Research

March 2011

Jim Duvall (Author), Laura Béres (Author)


Presenting a compelling evidence base for narrative therapy.

Narrative therapy introduces the idea that our lives are made up of multiple events that can be strung together in many possible stories. These stories can be developed to find richer (or "thicker") narratives, and thus release the hold of negative ("thin") narratives upon the client. Replete with case examples from clinical practice, this is the first book to present a compelling evidence base for narrative therapy, interweaving practice tips, training, and research. The book’s rigorous, research-based approach meets the increasing demand on therapists to demonstrate the effectiveness of their approach, critically reflecting on both process and outcomes, expanding on the concept of evidence-based practice.


"This work is resolute in embracing and sharing the traditions of narrative therapy while adding to the canon." — The National Psychologist

"Kudos to Jim Duvall and Laura Béres for connecting practice, training, and research in one very readable, engaging volume! They invite us behind the scenes of their qualitative research project, showing us not just their work in a range of contexts, but also critical reflection on their therapy and teaching and how that influences its development. I found their description of pivotal moments and time particularly useful and inspiring." — Jill Freedman, MSW, Director, Evanston Family Therapy Center, and coauthor, Narrative Therapy and Narrative Therapy with Couples

"This book is a must-read for students of therapy, practicing therapists, and educators.... The application of the critically reflective approach, coupled with the intense research work, is highly satisfying both from an academic and a practice perspective. I learned a lot from this book and it encouraged me to keep learning and stay open." — Jan Fook, Professor of Professional Practice Research and Director, Interprofessional Institute, University of London

"For those interested in expanding their repertoire to the use of Narrative Therapy, this book is well worth studying." — Rubin Battino, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter



165 x 244 mm • 480 pages


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