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Intensive Psychotherapy for Persistent Dissociative Processes

The Fear of Feeling Real

10 April 2015


What really happens in dissociation.

Extensive and detailed casework is the backbone of this meticulous in-the-trenches exploration of dissociative processes and their relation to affect theory, attachment, neurobiology and an emergent self-state dominated structure of mind. Building upon the theoretical and practical clinical perspectives in the first six chapters, and decidedly psychodynamic in its orientation, illustrations of the adjunctive use of hypnosis, EMDR and somatic experiencing are woven into the subsequent clinical material. Multi-chapter vignettes and verbatim transcripts show the reader how to work with challenging core issues in treatment of the dissociative disorders: clinical impasse, sexual addiction, negativity, negative therapeutic reaction, object-coercive doubting, and enactment.



168 x 244 mm • 482 pages


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