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Thinking at Every Desk

Four Simple Skills to Transform Your Classroom

11 September 2012

Derek Cabrera (Author), Laura Colosi (Author)


Cutting-edge skills for twenty-first-century learners and educators.

Designed to transform teaching practice, this book provides the tools to understand thinking patterns and how learning actually happens. It empowers teachers to structure learning in the most meaningful way, helping students explore new paths to knowledge.


"Cabrera and Colosi aim high: Their goal is to revitalize the explicit pedagogy of thinking skills by emphasizing the dynamic interplay between information and thought, and by encouraging students to recognize and explicate the distinctions, systems, relationships, and perspectives that inherently characterize any concept. The approach, which is deeply informed by a complex systems perspective, is the culmination of over a decade of work." — Ginger Richardson, Education and Outreach, Santa Fe Institute

"During a time of budget cuts, fads, and other educational contraction, Cabrera and Colosi have forever changed the intellectual trajectory of our students. They have proven that you don’t need a miracle when you have a method." — John Z. Nittolo, Superintendent, Green Hills School



155 x 236 mm • 162 pages


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