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8 Keys to Stress Management

March 2013

Elizabeth Anne Scott (Author)

With a Foreword by Babette Rothschild


Easy strategies for dealing with the near-universal experience of stress.

Stress has become a near-universal experience as well as a rising public health concern.

According to many measures, people today are dealing with stressors that are greater in number and severity than in the past several decades, and this stress is taking a toll on our collective wellness.

Bringing considerable content from her popular stress management Web site on About.com, Elizabeth Scott distills information about stress management into central ideas and strategies for consumers. These include learning to reduce the stress response and stressors, practicing long-term resilience habits, and putting positive psychology research into action. These various perspectives provide a multilayered framework for understanding stress and approaching stress management that is inspirational, action-oriented, and backed by foundational and recent knowledge in the field.

The quick-to-read “8 keys” format of the book can be utilized on many levels so that busy readers can quickly find relief from stress.


"[W]ritten in an easy how-to format that provides excellent resources for the average person in managing stress. . . . [A]lso an excellent tool for counselors in both individual and group counseling sessions. . . . [P]rovides excellent references and a useful index for researching specific topics. . . . I highly recommend the book." — Activities, Adaptation and Aging

"The text’s balanced emphasis on both physiological and mental process makes it a holistic and thorough guide for a broad audience. . . . [Scott’s] approach is collective and confident, a writing style that is ideal and even perhaps essential for readers experiencing issues with stress management. . . . [O]rganized and easy to read, 8 Keys to Stress Management is a convenient self-help tool for those looking to manage their stress more effectively." — International Journal of Psychotherapy

"[This book] provides a thorough and detailed overview on the subject. . . . [T]he book gives us an opportunity to take more of a structured and introspective look at the self. It’s a resource that one might actively work through and then revisit later, rather than read once and put on the shelf. . . . Scott helps normalize the experience of stress and provides a wealth of information about how to manage it." — PsychCentral

"[A] useful, practical guide to approaching stress. . . . [S]hort enough to be a quick read, yet substantial enough to be a worthwhile one." — Metapsychology Online Reviews

"In an easy-to-read and understandable style, Elizabeth Scott offers a blend of ancient tradition and modern science along with practical advice for dealing with everyday stress. This book is a useful, practical, and comprehensive guide that helps the reader find healthy ways to live life more fully." — Howard Blumenfeld, PhD, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher

"I have never seen a more incisive approach to stress reduction and management. The 8 keys format is friendly and easy to use, with down-to-earth examples from daily life. Theoretically sound, eminently practical, and unequivocal without being rigid, this book presents an effective strategy for virtually any real-life situation." — Emery J. Cummins, Emeritus Professor of Counseling, San Diego State University

"8 Keys to Stress Management does an exemplary job of simplifying and explaining stress, addressing its physical and psychological aspects while providing practical examples of how to manage it. Elizabeth Scott reminds us that, while we can’t control all stressors, we can control our attitude, and this alone helps us to manage stress better." — Pamela Gail Johnson, Founder, Secret Society of Happy People

"In a global culture where 'overwhelmed,' 'stressed-out,' and 'burned-out' are part of our daily vocabularies, Scott shows us evolutionary alternatives that allow us to live fully and healthily. This book will prompt you to realign with your true self... and, most of all, you'll get your twinkly back!" — Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC, Buddhist Chaplain, Psychotherapist, Wellness Coach

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