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The Developmental Science of Early Childhood

Clinical Applications of Infant Mental Health Concepts From Infancy Through Adolescence

March 2017


A practical distillation of cutting-edge developmental research for mental health professionals.

The field commonly known as "infant mental health" integrates current research from developmental psychology, genetics and neuroscience to form a model of prevention, intervention and treatment well beyond infancy. This book presents the core concepts of this vibrant field and applies them to common childhood problems, from attention deficits to anxiety and sleep disorders.

Readers will find a friendly guide that distills this developmental science into key ideas and clinical scenarios that practitioners can make sense of and use in their day-to-day work. Part I offers an overview of the major areas of research and theory, providing a pragmatic knowledge base to comfortably integrate the principles of this expansive field in clinical practise. It reviews the newest science, exploring the way relationships change the brain, breakthrough attachment theory, epigenetics, the polyvagal theory of emotional development, the role of stress response systems, and many other illuminating concepts. Part II then guides the reader through the remarkable applications of these concepts in clinical work. Chapters address how to take a textured early developmental history, navigate the complexity of postpartum depression, address the impact of trauma and loss on children's emotional and behavioural problems, treat sleep problems through an infant mental health lens, and synthesise tools from the science of the developing mind in the treatment of specific problems of regulation of emotion, behaviour and attention.

Fundamental knowledge of the science of early brain development is deeply relevant to mental health care throughout a client's lifespan. In an era when new research is illuminating so much, mental health practitioners have much to gain by learning this leading-edge discipline's essential applications. This book makes those applications and their robust benefits in work with clients, readily available to any professional.


"The book's strength is its accessibility for a wide readership... Although written for practitioners, the book could also be used to increase parents' understanding of their child. Another strength is Gold's ability to comprehensively describe scientific concepts, while continually linking them to their practical application and relevancy in our work and society." — BACP Children and Young People



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