The Neurobiology of Attachment-Focused Therapy

Enhancing Connection & Trust in the Treatment of Children & Adolescents

9 September 2016


Uniting attachment-focused therapy and neurobiology to help distrustful and traumatised children revive a sense of trust and connection.

This groundbreaking book explores how the attachment- focused family therapy model works at a neural level. Investigation of the brain science of early childhood and developmental trauma offers clinicians new insights—and powerful new methods—to help neglected and insecurely attached children regain a sense of safety and security with caring adults.


"... this is a user-friendly text for those working in this field." — SEN Magazine

"... a brilliantly helpful guide for working effectively and empathically with children rescued from severe abuse, and their new caregivers." — Human Givens

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Also By: Daniel A. Hughes View all by author...



163 x 241 mm • 320 pages


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