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Science investigates some of life's common concerns

26 March 2019

Eric Chudler (Author), Lise A. Johnson (Author)


How scientific reasoning explains our most common daily fears—from germs to natural disasters and everything in between.

Quick—what do you worry about most? Dying in a plane crash? Invisible chemicals in your environment? Catching a disease from a public restroom? In a world where we hear about the latest misfortunes and disasters as they happen, anytime and anywhere, no one is immune to the pervasive effects of anxiety brought on by normal, everyday activity. In this witty investigation of worry, Eric Chudler and Lise Johnson get to the root of our fears, all the while using rigorous science to help tame the anxiety beast. Each topic in this wide-ranging study is subjected to scientific scrutiny and assigned its place on the “worry index”. Chudler and Johnson explain why it’s only worth worrying about things that are likely to happen and are (somewhat) preventable. Whether you’re an unabashed worrywart or a stick-your-head-in-the-sand-and-hope-for-the-best sort of person, you’ll find something to love in this clever, funny and informative guide to the worrisome world.


"This witty but rigorous study by a neuroscientist and an engineer debunks some of our most common worries—from shark attacks to bedbugs." — The Guardian

"Lise Johnson and Eric Chudler have had a brilliant idea and turned it into an equally good book." — The Scottish Daily Mail

"Lise Johnson and Eric Chudler have had a brilliant idea and turned it into an equally good book. For anyone who worries too much, which is to say all of us, this is a deeply comforting book." — The Irish Daily Mail

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145 x 218 mm • 312 pages


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