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Teaching to Every Kid's Potential

Simple Neuroscience Lessons to Liberate Learners

24 September 2021


“Teachers hold the potential to provide a student with frustration or opportunity every day—and those states are closer together than you might think.”

When students repeatedly lose track of directions or take a long time to solve problems, it’s easy for teachers to see the distracted or off-task behaviour, but not always to see the root of the problem. Quite often the same child who has an underdeveloped skill may have an opposing but hidden strength: a slow processor of information may also be a deep thinker.

Teaching to Every Kid’s Potential is an invitation to teachers to improve the learning in their classrooms, one student at a time, using practical, evidence-based strategies. Focusing on four big concepts from neuroscience—flexibility, readiness, connection and masking—the author shows how to apply them to build on the strengths of students. Each chapter unpacks the science; shows how talents can compensate for neural processing issues; includes the story of a real-life individual who embodies such talents; and suggests small but powerful adjustments to classroom practice that will allow kids’ gifts to emerge.



180 x 257 mm • 192 pages


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