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Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems in Therapy

11 February 2022

Beatriz Sheldon (Author), Albert Sheldon (Author)


Enabling patients’ minds to change the structure of their brains.

Integrating groundbreaking research on neuroplasticity, brain development and therapeutic change, this book details a novel neurobiological and psychotherapeutic paradigm—and reveals how therapists can use this paradigm for more precise and successful treatment.

Clients arrive to therapy troubled by deeply ingrained neural circuits and emotional habits, such as “I am unlovable and incapable of love”. The authors illustrate how integrating self-affirming, nonconscious emotional resources—or brain systems—changes rigid, maladaptive neural circuits. New, adaptive circuits inhibit toxic, dysfunctional patterns, releasing nonconscious emotions, such as fear, grief, guilt and shame. This allows the emergence of more complex and flexible mental functioning and produces more successful psychotherapeutic outcomes.

Developed by two psychotherapists, with more than six collective decades of experience, this model reveals treatment strategies and procedures that harness the power of neuroplasticity, enabling the patient’s mind to change the structure of their brain.



165 x 239 mm • 496 pages


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