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Mind, Consciousness, and Well-Being

29 September 2020


Scientists, clinicians and mindfulness teachers discuss training the mind to bring more health and resiliency to our lives.

Here, Daniel J. Siegel and Marion F. Solomon have gathered leading writers to discuss such topics as: attention, resilience and mindfulness; neuroplasticity—how the brain changes its function and structure in response to experience; “loving awareness” as the foundation for mindful living; how mindfulness training can help build empathy and compassion in clinicians; self-compassion; addictions; using breath practice to cultivate well-being; tools for clients who feel disconnected; “therapeutic presence”—how we show up for our clients, how we embody being aware and receptive. The latest entry in the acclaimed Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology, this book brings fresh voices to the all-important topics of meditation, mental training and consciousness.

Mind, Consciousness, and Well-Being offers a unique window into the science and art of taking our understanding of the mind and consciousness and applying it to cultivating well-being in our personal lives and our professional work.

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165 x 244 mm • 368 pages


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