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Engineering Education for the Next Generation

A Nature-Inspired Approach


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Your students will not only understand engineering principles, but also use them to design and make their own Nature-inspired inventions.

Studded with more than 150 photos of natural phenomena and Nature-inspired technologies, this fascinating and practical book clearly demonstrates that engineering design is broadly relevant for all students, not just those who may become scientists or engineers. Samuel Cord Stier provides activities for students at every grade level to explore design concepts and engage in activities aligned with the design standards of the NGSS and the maker movement. Kids will love seeing how snail-inspired fluid dynamics are built into the design of flexible armour and bulletproof vests, and how ant-and bird-inspired algorithms have transformed video games and robots.

Engineering Education for the Next Generation is a wonderful introduction to the topic for any teacher who wants to understand more about engineering design in particular, and STEM in general.