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The Development of a Therapist

Healing Others - Healing Self

16 April 2021


A conversational and practical guide to the next level of professional development.

Louis Cozolino, one of our most compelling clinical writers, takes us inside the mind and heart of a seasoned therapist, carrying on the tradition of personal and professional writing begun in The Making of a Therapist. This book discusses some of the more abstract concepts and ways of interacting with clients such as relaxed curiosity, finding the secret ally and discovering the deep narrative. Also addressed are clinical concepts such as related states of mind, the process of change, free-floating attention and listening with the third ear.

More than just theoretical commentary, the book offers concrete clinical advice for the experienced therapist and brings a fresh perspective to some of the most current clinical challenges including the complexities of executive functioning; treating clients with internet addiction; and taking responsibility for your continued personal growth, clinical supervision and education after leaving school.


"Regardless of where you find yourself on the therapy continuum—trainee, intern, novice therapist, experienced therapist, supervisor, or trainer—these two books are desktop material offering tools, ideas, explanations, perceptions, and critical questions that clarify challenges and issues on personal, relational, and professional levels. Their most important contribution, however, lies in the questions Cozolino believes therapists should ask themselves—questions that lead to looking deep inside our humanity in order to look deep inside our clients, connect with them authentically, and help them reach their therapeutic goals." — Antigone Oreopoulou, International Body Psychotherapy Journal

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140 x 211 mm • 240 pages


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