Creating Confident Writers

For High School, College, and Life

30 June 2020

Troy Hicks (Author), Andy Schoenborn (Author)


“We need to help students see that writing can be for an audience other than a teacher, and for a purpose beyond getting a grade".

Addressing their colleagues in secondary and college writing instruction, Troy Hicks and Andy Schoenborn initiate a collaborative conversation about instructional decision-making that works to encourage the growth of students as confident writers. Chapters seek common ground on such topics as fostering student agency and goal- setting, optimising the use of class time and technology, and using formative and summative assessments. Examples of assignments, student work, assessment tasks and teacher reflections are included throughout. The book’s approach builds on significant framing documents from NCTE, NWP, the Council of Writing Program Administrators, ISTE and the CCSS.


"Hicks & Schoenborn provide teachers with a cohesive and well thought out approach which reflects what we best know about the effective teaching of writing (Young & Ferguson 2021). By reflecting on the wisdom shared within these pages, teachers would be perfectly placed to create confident writers." — The Writing for Pleasure Centre

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178 x 257 mm • 208 pages


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