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Emerging Adults in Therapy

How to Strengthen Your Clinical Competency

28 June 2022


Theoretical, sociocultural and clinical essays on the psychology of today’s young adults.

“Emerging adulthood” (EA) describes a developmental period between adolescence and adulthood, typically spanning ages 18–29. It’s a rough time for most people—perhaps now more than ever.

Emerging Adults in Therapy contains contributions from various psychologists and psychiatrists (many of whom are on the younger side) with diverse backgrounds and specialties related to EA. The book’s editors, Zachary Kahn and Juliana Martinez, are both licensed psychologists in New York working predominantly with young adults in private practice.

Much of the focus here is on the psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reckoning on racial injustice that characterise this time period. Other sections discuss theories of this age band and describe different treatment approaches specialised for young adults.

This book should appeal to training and practising clinicians working with young people, as well as young adults and their parents who are interested in both the psychological challenges and therapeutic practices that can help.



152 x 229 mm • 368 pages


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