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Embodiment and the Treatment of Eating Disorders

The Body as a Resource in Recovery

29 September 2020


Tools for the clinician to help clients turn their bodies into resources for healing from eating disorders.

Embodiment refers to the attunement of the inner and outer self. Cognitions are aligned with the sensing and feeling body. Further, in an attuned experience of self, positive embodiment is maintained by a set of internally focused tools, such as self-care practices that support physiological health, emotional well-being and effective cognitive functioning.

For those who suffer from eating disorders, this is not the case; in fact, the opposite is true. Disordered thinking, an unattuned sense of self and negative cognitions abound. Turning this thinking around is key to client resilience and treatment successes.

Catherine Cook-Cottone provides tools for clinicians working with clients to restore their healthy selves and use their bodies as a positive resource for healing and long-term health. The book goes beyond traditional treatments to talk about mindful self-care, mindful eating, yoga and other practices designed to support self-regulation.



155 x 236 mm • 384 pages


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