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Breathing Lessons

A Doctor's Guide to Lung Health

January 2022

MeiLan K. Han (Author)


An authoritative, accessible guide to how our lungs work and how to protect them.

Most of us pay little attention to the workings of our lungs, but the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked interest in their functioning and fear about the risks they face. Dr. MeiLan K. Han, a leading pulmonologist and a national spokesperson for the American Lung Association, takes readers on a fascinating tour of this most vital organ.

Han explains the wonder of breathing and reveals how the lungs serve as the body’s first line of defence. She provides a timely overview of the latest scientific thinking about the leading respiratory risks—including indoor and outdoor pollution, smoking and vaping, wildfire smoke and viruses like SARS-CoV-2—and offers a practical guide to keeping lungs healthy. With authority as both practitioner and medical researcher, she argues powerfully for a social policy that makes a priority of preserving lung health nationwide.


"Breathing is essential to life, yet historically, the lungs haven’t received as much attention as other organs of the body. Especially as our world faces the intersecting health threats of COVID-19, chronic lung diseases, and air pollution Breathing Lessons is an imperative and engaging read for all those who breathe." — Harold Wimmer, President and CEO, American Lung Association



147 x 218 mm • 192 pages


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