The Enjoyment of Music

Fourteenth Edition

10 July 2022


Listen, Learn, Appreciate, Communicate.

For nearly 70 years, The Enjoyment of Music has led the way in preparing students for a lifetime of listening to great music and understanding its cultural and historical context. The Fourteenth Edition expands on this foundation with new chapters and features that add many voices to its already rich repertoire.

Digital Teaching and Learning Tools


InQuizitive is Norton’s award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool that personalises the learning experience for students, helping them to understand—and retain—key skills and learning objectives. Through a variety of question types, answer-specific feedback, and game-like elements such as the ability to wager points, students are motivated to keep working until they’ve fully comprehended the material. As a result, students arrive better prepared for class, giving you more time for discussion and activities. InQuizitive can also improve student test grades when assigned consistently for points, as a part of the overall course grade. Because InQuizitive motivates students to keep working on a chapter until they’ve grasped the content, assigning it consistently can help improve test grades. A robust activity report makes it easy to identify challenging concepts and allows for just-in-time intervention when students are struggling, and the convenience of LMS integration saves you time by allowing InQuizitive scores to report directly to your LMS gradebook.  For The Enjoyment of Music, Fourteenth Edition, Chapter Review and Listening Activities have been combined into one activity for each chapter. Listening questions are labelled and can easily be separated from chapter review questions in InQuizitive assignments. *LMS integration with InQuizitive is provided by a Norton Specialist for qualified adoptions.


Playlists include: High-quality streamed audio Access to interactive Listening Guides MET Opera video, orchestral video (Benjamin Britten’s Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra), and video demonstrations of the instruments of the orchestra

Norton Enhanced eBook

Norton eBooks offer an enhanced reading experience at a fraction of the cost of a print textbook. They provide an active reading experience, enabling students to take notes, bookmark, search, highlight, and read offline. Instructors can even add notes that students can see as they are reading the text. Norton eBooks can be viewed on all computers and mobile devices. Total Access enables delivery of all recordings, opera video, and iLGs within the eBook. New Listening Engagement activities are embedded in the eBook for 25 of the most popular selections in the text and are designed to build listening confidence with low stakes questions. This feature provides instructors a way to engage students with some of the most popular works within the eBook platform, streamlining the user experience.

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