Organic Chemistry

Principles and Mechanisms

Third Edition

5 July 2022

Joel Karty (Author)


Motivate every student to think about practice and apply organic chemistry.

Joel Karty helps students succeed in organic chemistry and our adopters overwhelmingly agree that his mechanistically organised approach works. The Third Edition includes a new video series that models the critical thinking skills that students need to master. Redesigned, two-column Solved Problems then coach students in applying those critical thinking skills to solving chemical equations, which helps them to avoid overreliance on memorisation. Interactive features in the book and Smartwork consistently give students opportunities to practise what they’ve learned. 

Digital Teaching and Learning Tools

Smartwork5 online assessment tool

Helps students become better problem solvers through a variety of interactive question types, book-specific hints, and extensive answer-specific feedback. Over 4,000 problems, including over 1,100 graded mechanism problems, support the text’s organization and pedagogy. Now includes intuitive 2D molecular drawing and multistep questions, animation-based activities, and more.

Norton enhanced eBook

Norton Ebooks offer an enhanced reading experience at a fraction of the cost of a print textbook. New videos will be embedded directly, exploring key skills and helping students visualize mechanisms and elementary steps as they are introduced. The ebook provides an active reading experience, featuring click-to-reveal answers for Your Turn exercises, as well as enabling students to take notes, bookmark, search, highlight, and read offline. Instructors can even embed their own videos or notes that students can see as they are reading the text. Norton Ebooks can be viewed on all computers and mobile devices.

Animations and videos

Joel Karty has developed more than 80 videos and narrated animations on elementary steps, mechanisms, and important skills in organic chemistry. These videos are specifically designed to counter common student misconceptions and to be inclusive for all students. Like the book itself, the videos also help students to develop and apply critical thinking skills. The three video types are:

- 15 3D Animations covering each of the elementary steps. These animations help students visualize what is happening on a molecular level during the elementary steps. They also show simultaneous concomitant changes to the energy diagram and drawn curved arrows to address the concern that each curved arrow in a step happens at a different time.
- 20 Strategies for Success videos guide students on how to solve difficult types of problems and how to visualize difficult topics. They feature Joel Karty on camera, often narrating a combination of whiteboard and model kits.
- 50 Mechanism Drawing videos of 50 selected mechanisms covered in the book discuss common mistakes along the way so that students learn to draw mechanisms on their own. Half of these videos have been recorded by Kristen Barrett, Rowan University, who provides an additional instructor’s perspective.

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