Body of Knowledge Card Deck

Sensorimotor Practices for Awareness, Regulation, and Expansion

27 February 2024

Pat Ogden (Author)


Our bodies hold a wealth of knowledge that, with the right tools, we can tap into at any time.

Our physical habits—of sensation, posture and movement—reflect implicit knowledge of our histories of trauma, relationships and resources, as well as our future possibilities. However, this wealth of information often eludes our awareness. The intention of the somatic practices in this card deck is to experientially illuminate the innate and unique knowledge that resides in our bodies, and to nurture a more deeply embodied connection with ourselves, others and the world.

The cards are divided into fifteen themes: ancestors and community, body connection, body sensation, boundaries, breath, containment, culture, five fundamental movements, grounding, mindfulness, movement, posture, the senses, positivity, resources and the future. Our bodies have different lessons to teach us at different points in our lives, so readers are encouraged to revisit these enlightening, somatic exercises time and again to glean new insights.

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89 x 140 mm • 64 pages


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