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Only Ants for Andy

14 December 2021

Jashar Awan (Author)


This funny, satisfying picture book from the author of What a Lucky Day! gives a fresh spin to a familiar childhood theme: trying new things.

Andy is a picky anteater. He loves markers (but only red markers), toys (but only trucks) and music (but only his favourite song). He loves eating ants—in fact, they’re the only thing he’ll eat. Ants for breakfast, lunch and dinner; ants for every day of the week. Why bother with anything else?

When he goes to his best friend Sam Sloth’s house for a sleepover, Andy is faced with disaster. Sam’s family isn’t playing Andy’s favourite song in the car. Sam has no trucks to play with—only spaceships. And most devastating of all, they’re having termites for dinner. But as the night goes on, Andy learns that different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

Jashar Awan’s latest picture book is an accomplished and humorous celebration of curiosity and of embracing new experiences.

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  • 9781324015529 72

    What a Lucky Day!

    Jashar Awan

    Hardback, 2020

    This lovely, accomplished and wryly humorous debut picture book reminds readers not to believe everything they hear.



211 x 290 mm • 48 pages


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