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Teaching English Learners from a Distance

22 December 2020

Laura Alvarez (Author)


From Laura Alvarez, one of the authors of Supporting Newcomer Students, a guide on how to continue to support multilingual students’ language development and rigorous learning in a remote environment. In this QRG in the new set of Strategies for Distance Learning Guides, Alvarez provides questions to guide instructional planning and key teaching moves for English learners, within a framework of 4 principles for distance learning:

  • Facilitate meaningful interactions
  • Build relationships
  • Use technology purposefully
  • Hold an inquiry stance

With extensive tips for how to maintain these goals in both synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, this guide will be a go-to resource for teachers of newcomers and English learners.

Each 8.5" x 11" multi-panel guide is laminated for extra durability and 3-hole-punched for binder storage.

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216 x 282 mm • 6 pages


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