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The Enduring, Invisible, and Ubiquitous Centrality of Whiteness

3 June 2022


A comprehensive collection on the topic of whiteness from writers in the field of mental health and activism.

An up-front, close and fresh examination of the impact of whiteness and how it contributes to our troubled race relationships, this book posits that whiteness is a pervasive ideology that is rarely overtly identified or examined, although it has profound effects on race relationships in therapy and beyond. Being intentional about naming, deconstructing and dismantling whiteness is a precursor to responding effectively to the racial reckoning of our society and improving race relationships, addressing systemic bias and moving towards the creation of a more racially just world.

Contributors to the volume are from different backgrounds and trainings, and write on such topics as: the vicious cycle of white centrality; being Black in a world of whiteness; undoing internalised white supremacy; intersectionality and the contradictions of a white, Jewish identity; becoming an antiracist leader; and building an antiracist clinical practice.



152 x 231 mm • 640 pages


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