A Place for Rain

16 April 2024

Michelle Schaub (Author), Blanca Gómez (Illustrated by)


A spring storm brings the chance to build a rain garden in this charming, actionable picture book about protecting our waterways

Pitter-patter, splutter-splatter, drizzle turns to roar... DOWNPOUR! But where do all those raindrops go? Dirty stormwater runoff can cause big problems, polluting rivers, ponds and waterways. So this classroom plans and builds a rain garden, collecting excess water in barrels, creating paths for water-flow with stones and bricks and planting flowers and grasses that help the water percolate and invite wildlife to feed and pollinate. With Michelle Schaub’s lively, engaging storytelling and Blanca Gómez’s bright, beguiling illustrations, A Place for Rain provides an upbeat and actionable approach to an important environmental issue, and empowers readers with the tools to reduce pollution, diminish flooding and create a habitat for wildlife. Informational back-matter includes instructions and resources for readers to build their own rain garden.



213 x 262 mm • 32 pages


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