Wild & Well-Being Card Deck

70 Exercises for Nature-Based Self Care

9 April 2024

Vanessa Bear (Author)


Exercises and photographs to cultivate well-being through nature-connection.

The past several years have given rise to a burgeoning interest in ecotherapy. This beautiful card deck is designed to support clients and consumers alike who wish to use the solace of the natural world to aid in meditation and self-care. Each card includes a healing image from nature and a practical exercise to help readers develop self-efficacy, a sense of belonging and mindful awareness. These exercises involve yoga, creativity, movement, mindfulness, body-awareness and journalling, and are split into four categories: those that can be done without any preparation; those that can be done with a little preparation or simple, everyday equipment; those that are ongoing practices; and those that facilitate planning for future activities. This nurturing card deck is a perfect resource for those seeking to cultivate calm and connection at home, as well as therapists and coaches looking for a unique tool to use with their clients.

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102 x 147 mm • 72 pages


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