Owls in Our Yard!

The Story of Alfie

30 July 2024

Carl Safina (Author)


A baby owl is rescued and rehabilitated and builds her own family in this tender and wise picture book

In the spring of 2019, ecologist Carl Safina and his wife, Patricia, took in little Alfie, a bedraggled Eastern Screech Owl chick who quickly became part of their family. With the Safinas’ care and expertise, the little owl grew, learned to hunt on her own and eventually found her own family in a mate and chicks. As time passed, Carl realised that his bond with Alfie was greater than just saving her life—it offered wisdom, joy and magic to him in return.

Carl Safina lends an insightful and expert voice to Alfie’s tale, providing readers with a perspective that is simultaneously informative and deeply personal. With eye-catching, intimate photographs chronicling Alfie’s healing and growth, Owls in Our Yard! is the heartfelt story of an animal/human friendship rooted in trust, care and respect for the natural world.

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213 x 262 mm • 48 pages


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