The Norton Anthology of English Literature

The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century

Eleventh Edition

Volume:Volume C

5 July 2024

Territory Rights — World, Excluding India

Stephen Greenblatt (General Editor), James Noggle (Editor), Courtney Weiss Smith (Editor)


A sweeping revision that speaks to how English literature is taught today.

From the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century, The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Eleventh Edition, showcases exciting new authors, works, and textual clusters that demonstrate the relevance of literature to contemporary students and trace the creative arc that has yielded the ever-changing and ever-fascinating body of material called English literature. This anthology offers the experience of literature as part of the world—not apart from it. It is also now available in ebook format for the complete anthology. The Norton Ebook Reader platform provides an active reading environment that equips students with tools for placing works within their social and historical contexts.

Digital Teaching and Learning Tools

The Norton Ebook Reader platform

Offers students an inviting, accessible environment for active reading at a great price. The ebook contains all the selections found in the print anthology, powerful annotation and instructor tools, embedded video, and more.

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155 x 236 mm • 1200 pages



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