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The Five Tool Negotiator

The Complete Guide to Bargaining Success

May 2021


Decoded in one volume are the five simple steps that everyone can master to succeed in negotiation.

In a category saturated with breezy, self-help volumes, Russell Korobkin’s long-awaited The Five Tool Negotiator stands apart as a revelatory guide for anyone eager to improve their bargaining skills. The nationally renowned author, who has spent three decades studying successful negotiations, now shares five distinct “tools” that we can all readily utilise: Bargaining Zone Analysis, Persuasion, Deal Design, Power and Fairness Norms.

Drawing on his academic research, Korobkin incorporates lively anecdotes that bring to life concepts from the disparate fields of psychology, economics and game theory, along with fascinating social science experiments. These invaluable tools can be applied to everyday negotiations and transactions—from consumers hoping to obtain the best price for a used car to executives trying to close a multimillion-dollar deal. Intuitively accessible and reassuringly persuasive, this is a vital guide to mastering the critical skills of negotiation at the social, cultural and human level.



147 x 218 mm • 304 pages


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