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Aliens Among Us

Extraordinary Portraits of Ordinary Bugs

3 April 2020

Daniel Kariko (Author)


With more than sixty stunning photographs of household insects, Aliens Among Us depicts a hidden world flourishing in our homes.

Over the course of his photography career, Daniel Kariko came to realise that many of his most stunning subjects could be found in his own home. Kariko utilises a combination of a Scanning Electron Microscope and optical Stereo Microscope to achieve a portrait-like effect for insects and arthropods. Vibrant in colour and surprising in personality, these images reveal such details as the glittering eyes of a horsefly, the strong legs of a centipede and the fetching smile of a honeybee. Each photograph comes with a full-body illustration from artist Isaac Talley and character descriptions from entomologist Tim Christensen. Blurring the lines of art and science, Aliens Among Us is a guidebook for anyone interested in putting a face to the creepy-crawlies under the couch.


"Kariko draws on different areas of interest – from historical natural science collections to Renaissance and Baroque painters – to bring us images of invertebrates as we’ve never seen them before. Using microscope imaging techniques, he carefully creates captivatingly detailed and beautiful portraits of common invertebrate species that he finds during his daily routines in North Carolina. The results can only be described as works of art." — 20+ best books on insects and invertebrates, BBC Wildlife Magazine



213 x 188 mm • 160 pages


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