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The Japanese Art of Shaping Behavior Through Design

November 2020


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up meets Nudge in this irresistible design method from Japan.

Following The Little Book of Hygge, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning and other bestsellers, Shikake introduces the latest example of practical wisdom from abroad: shikakeology, a phenomenon sweeping Japan. Naohiro Matsumura—renowned as the founder of the study of shikake, the Japanese word for “device”—has devised a new approach to design as astonishingly simple in its logic as it is sophisticated in its psychology. For example:

• a staircase painted like piano keys prompts people to exercise

• a symbol of a shrine placed in a public square discourages vandalism

Combining traditional Japanese aesthetics with the lessons of behavioural economics, Matsumura presents a tool kit for literally anyone who wants to create their own mindful designs—and reveals how shikakes can help us address big challenges, including even climate change. Mind-bending yet elegant, Shikake will inspire readers to appreciate—and transform—the analogue world around them.



147 x 218 mm • 192 pages


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