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  • 9780393308501 72

    The Really Short Poems of A. R. Ammons

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 1992

  • 9780393324105 72

    A Coast of Trees

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 2003

    This collection of shorter poems won the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1981.
  • 9780393324112 72

    Garbage: A Poem

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 2003

    Winner of the National Book Award.
  • 9780393009620 72

    Selected Longer Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 1980

  • 9780393043266 72

    Briefings: Poems Small and Easy

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 1971

    Briefings brings together more than eighty short lyrics that, as Harold Bloom writes, "maintain an utterly consistent purity of detached yet radiant vision."
  • 9780393044140 72

    Diversifications: Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 1975

    Diversifications is a collection of shorter poems by the poet whose Collected Poems won the National Book Award.
  • 9780393044621 72

    Northfield Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 2012

    Mr. Ammons' poetry has appeared in such publications as the Hudson Review, The Nation (for which he was at one time poetry editor), the New York Times, Poetry, and the Partisan Review.
  • 9780393044676 72

    The Snow Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 1977

    The Snow Poems is the most recent book of poetry by an author who has been called "perhaps the most imaginative, innovative poet writing today."
  • 9780393330540 72

    Ommateum: With Doxology: Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Paperback, 2008

    “Oracular, almost biblical at times, and as deeply embedded in the particulars of nature as the superb later poetry.”—John Ashbery
  • 9780393303964 72

    The Selected Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Expanded Edition, Paperback, 1987

    A. R. Ammons's selection of his work once again, as the critic Harold Bloom wrote of the earlier version, "makes available the very best of him."