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  • 9780811228404 72

    Spadework for a Palace

    László Krasznahorkai, John Batki


    A joyful ode—in a single soaring, crazy sentence—to the interconnectedness of great (and mad) minds

  • 9780811228893 72

    The Famous Magician

    César Aira, Chris Andrews


    A writer is offered a devil’s bargain: will he give up reading books in exchange for total world domination?

  • 9780811229302 72

    Three Streets

    Yoko Tawada, Margaret Mitsutani


    Yoko Tawada—winner of the National Book Award—presents three terrific new ghost stories, each named after a street in Berlin

  • 9780811229609 72

    The Woman Who Killed the Fish

    Clarice Lispector, Benjamin Moser


    Four beguiling tales for children of all ages.

    A surprising new facet of Clarice Lispector’s genius

  • 9780811230070 72

    The English Understand Wool

    Helen DeWitt


    A modern amorality play about a 17-year-old girl, the wilder shores of connoisseurship, and the power of false friends