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  • 9780393652598 72

    Adjustment Day: A Novel

    Chuck Palahniuk


    The author of Fight Club takes us beyond our darkest dreams in this timely satire.

  • 9780393073553 72

    After the Fall: A Novel

    Victoria Roberts


    "This is a wonderful, forever book." —George Booth, cartoonist for The New Yorker

  • 9781324001942 72

    Afternoon of a Faun: A Novel

    James Lasdun


    Taut, stylish, and psychologically acute, Afternoon of a Faun dramatizes the search for truth as an accusation of sexual assault plunges a journalist into a series of deepening crises.

  • 9780393065695 72

    The Age of Shiva: A Novel

    Manil Suri


    Following his spectacular debut, The Death of Vishnu, Manil Suri returns with a mesmerizing story of modern India, richly layered with themes from...

  • 9780393061086 72

    The Air We Breathe: A Novel

    Andrea Barrett


    The exquisite, much-anticipated new novel by the author of Ship Fever, winner of the National Book Award.