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  • 9780393700312 72

    Taproots: Underlying Principles of Milton Erickson's Therapy and Hypnosis

    Bill O'Hanlon


    "This is an essential primer of Ericksonian hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy. […] O’Hanlon provides threads that crystallize practical patterns useful to clinicians at all levels of expertise." — Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

  • 9780393700190 72

    Stories for the Third Ear: Using Hypnotic Fables in Psychotherapy

    Lee Wallas


    This book includes a step-by-step preparation for clients' receptivity to the stories, describing how rapport can be established and resistance lowered during the initial sessions of hypnotherapy. Then the stories are set within their original clinical context, so that we can comprehend their powerful impact on the course of therapy.