Narrative & Strategic Therapies

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    Maps of Narrative Practice

    Michael White


    Michael White, one of the founders of narrative therapy, is back with his first major publication since the seminal Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends, which Norton published in 1990.

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    Playful Approaches to Serious Problems: Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families

    David Epston, Jennifer Freeman, Dean Lobovits


    The "grown-up talk" of therapy is likely to turn off children - especially if it focuses on their problematic behavior. The highly effective techniques of narrative therapy include children by respecting their unique language, stories, and views of the world.

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    Creative Aging: A Meaning-Making Perspective

    Mary Baird Carlsen


    Creative Aging is unique in its blending of the theoretical and the practical. On the one hand, attention is given to discussions of perspectives...

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    Narrative Therapy: The Social Construction of Preferred Realities

    Gene Combs, Jill Freedman


    For psychotherapy students, teachers, and practitioners, this book describes the clinical application of the growing body of ideas and practices that has come to be known as narrative therapy. Clear and compelling demonstrations of narrative therapy practice, rich in case examples and creative strategies, are at the heart of this book.

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    Character Styles

    Stephen M. Johnson


    How basic existential and developmental issues underlie the severe pathology of personality disorders and symptoms of neurosis in character styles.