Psychiatry & Psychopathology

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  • 9780393704693 72

    Biological Bases of Clinical Anxiety

    Barry N. Burijon


    Anxiety disorders are the single most common psychiatric condition, affecting 13­–18% of the population.

  • 9780393701654 72

    Community Mental Health: A Practical Guide

    Lorenzo Burti, Loren R. Mosher


    In this abridged and revised edition of their 1989 text, the authors focus on the what and how of effective community mental health. Following the guidelines outlined here will enable clinicians to provide services that are cost-effective, humane, and growth-promoting.

  • 9780393701449 72

    Sexual Pharmacology: Drugs that Affect Sexual Function

    Theresa L. Crenshaw, James P. Goldberg


  • 9780393704730 72

    Treatment Collaboration: Improving the Therapist, Prescriber, Client Relationship

    Ronald J. Diamond, Patricia L. Scheifler


    This book is a guide for three groups of people: the psychologists and social workers who send clients to psychiatrists; the psychiatrists who prescribe the drugs; and the clients who are often caught in the middle.

  • 9780393704198 72

    Clinical Guide to Psychotropic Medications

    Steven L. Dubovsky


    With a vast array of medications available for prescription, psychiatrists demand reference books that quickly summarize various drugs with an emphasis on their properties, most effective usages, cross-indications, and potential side effects.