Political Science

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  • 9780393953121 72

    Political Economy: An Introductory Text

    Edmund S. Phelps


    Political Economy is an introduction to economics for the university student and general reader.

  • 9780393953701 72

    The Political Crisis of the 1850s

    Michael F. Holt


    Professor Holt's book provides a lucid and provocative interpretation of the coming of the Civil War.

  • 9780393090406 72

    The Marx-Engels Reader

    Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Robert C. Tucker

    Second Edition


    This revised and enlarged edition of the leading anthology provides the essential writings of Marx and Engels--those works necessary for an introduction to Marxist thought and ideology.

  • 9780393092363 72

    The Lenin Anthology

    Robert C. Tucker


    Here, in a compact yet comprehensive volume, are the essentials of Lenin's writings, each of them introduced with a brief interpretive commentary.